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P33ish063: About That BU Sex Tape Scandal...

If you're team 'strictly Facebook', then you probably wouldn't be getting this gist until 2020, so here you go.

A video has been making the circles on the internet since Tuesday night, of two Babcock University students having sex in the school clinic. The act or the place isn't the issue, the fact that they made a recording (that got leaked) is. Twitter went crazy, of course, with folks going from making wild jokes and memes, to speculating about who might have leaked the video—with many eyes on the guy. But who leaked the video wasn't the first thing that came to my mind. Yes, I watched the damn thing 😷😷😷.

The thought in my head before I pressed play was, "what do people make sex tapes for? And why would you do it without the girl's consent?" And then I played the video, and saw that they didn't even remove their clothes! Which would imply that this was—in vampire speak—a snatch, eat, and erase; and then I saw the girl look at the camera and I was like, "oh, she knows." But I still thought it was a careless thing to do. And you know what looked even more careless to me than making a sex tape in a place where you can't even get comfortable? The fact that the only visible face was hers. And very expectedly, the only details flying around online are of the girl; I'm yet to see any mention made of the guy's department or level, unless of course there's a version of the video that didn't make it to my twitter timeline. Because that guy could have been anyone, and as such could walk away with a much lesser sentence than the girl got. And wouldn't that suck.

Rumor has it that the girl had been the mastermind of the shenanigan—for whatever reason; and as often happens with such hare-brained adventures, there's always someone on your cheerleading squad that's only just spurring you on so they have your foolhardy on file, ready to Air Drop. And nobody does this sliminess better than us girls; because the video, it turned out, was leaked by one of the girl's friends. And here we are: beginning, meet ending.

It's been rumored that the University is expelling the girl, a 300-level student (again, I've read nothing of the boy), and of course there's a whole different set of pity-outrage: the University being a Christian school and all; so naturally there's talks of second chances and redemption going on, though I don't know how much influence that gets to have. I have felt so sorry for the girl, however, because public opinion is seldom kind even with no sex tape involved. But I also can not be mad about how the school penalizes its offenders, because rules are rules: you knew what was allowed and what wasn't — on school grounds — before you matriculated, and you signed up anyway; seems only reasonable that if you're going to flout the rules, least you can do is try not to film yourself having at it. Who knows, maybe that would have scored her some leniency, like maybe a suspension or something, if all that got reported of the event was an eyewitness account or some such grapevine ish, ugh! But then I'm guessing the visual evidence makes things awkward for all involved, especially since it got to social media. This is Nigeria, after all, and reputation is a big deal in our religious corridors, so scapegoatism is always going to make an appearance in our justice system, however it upsets us; especially with the material having gotten some viral sensationalism.

I do hope that the girl is able to come out on the other side of this someway, though. But let's not lie, it'd be hard. I mean, no pun intended, but to lose three fucking years?? That's a hard one to swallow. She must be kicking herself so hard right now. Like, because of what?! But alas, there are just some things you don't play with, and this was just...nuh-uh. Because I don't think them watery back-shots were worth three years worth of sweat—and money. Christ, I'm not even going to start considering what it's like for her parents right now; I can only hope that they are not "church" people because that would be doubly awkward, and even harder to move on from: because church people are not nice, and social media messes are a wildfire: hard to quench, especially with visual proof. Let's just hope they're able to get every last one of that video off the internet.

And speaking of the internet, I know that the porn industry is a billion dollar one, but the amount of obscenity that pops up on our screen these days is just too ridiculous. Like, shouldn't there be some sort of social media law that restricts those kind of content to porn sites, so at least no one is getting exposed to contents they didn't outright sign up for—and people are not out air-dropping shii they have no business broadcasting?? I don't know, our social media space needs some sanitation, or maybe it's us who needs a little extra responsibility...because the amount of people that shared that video? Damn. Heaven forgive all of us. At'awa t'a wo o naa...🙈

UPDATE: The University released an official statement via their social media platform on the matter. Apparently, the deed didn't happen on school grounds (which would have been the only justifiable reason for expulsion), fuck boy had long been expelled from the school, and lady love is, the statement below if you're interested. 

In this case, I do not think the time fit the crime, for the girl; this was just fun gone wrong. "Due process," huh? Tsk tsk. Nigeria...


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